I release Shiki only to post some good music

Shiki 16
Shiki 17
Shiki 18
Shiki 19
Shiki 20
Shiki 21
Shiki 22

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14 Responses to “I release Shiki only to post some good music”

  1. Fag It says:

    Good song.

    …but 1080p could make it GREAT.

  2. lett303 says:

    Wooooooooooo!!!!! you guys are the greatest finally shiki can be put to rest.

  3. nx6 says:


  4. Mastershadow says:

    2 things, at least turn of the other song so 2 arn’t autoplaying…

    Is that AMV a show or a game? If it’s an anime, whats the name?

  5. qwerty says:

    are you going to do the bds¿?

  6. Corti says:

    Nitrrrrroooo Puraaassu!

  7. Shinigami says:

    will there be a batch?

  8. geyik says:

    great, now you only need to put natsu s2 to xdcc bots, or reseed them -which i think is unlkely-

  9. BeaTz says:

    are you going to release nura again ??
    I’m waiting for nura…:(