If you haven’t heard by now…

Their plans:


…the reason we’re so late on Motto To Love ru is because Somebody is paying to keep us away from the raws.

…and because that pushes TLR into the same timeslot as TWGOK

…that gets delayed as well.

You can read more about it here:

But like I already said, money only goes so far.

Why can’t you just pay your own staff to work faster?
Oh wait, they can’t…

We still win, Capitalist pigs. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Motto To Love ru 6

Motto To Love ru 7

Oh and as for a bonus:
LoLH 18

LoLH 19

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44 Responses to “If you haven’t heard by now…”

  1. Kyhz says:


  2. AlienGamer says:

    Bastards. Glad i dont get shit from them.

  3. TheLizardKing says:

    My day is complete. Thank you.

  4. Tiggerz says:

    Gonna herp an derp and blow the house down…

  5. Corti says:

    I… Paying? What the hell?

  6. !!! says:

    I’m surprised Doki even knows how to encode a .ts (if they are paying for exclusive access), or are they just paying for the delay only?

  7. Spider says:

    hurr for LOLH

  8. Niku says:

    lol wut? This just makes my idea for an OVA which chronicles the dorama of fansubbers that much better. Like in the style of all those 2ch flash vids with the cat ascii characters. They could all start out fighting each other but have to join forces against the evil monster; 4kids or the MPAA or something. On a more serious note, I wonder how Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yubuki feel about things?

  9. AnotherYokai says:

    Do you have any definitive proof?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Assuming this post doesn’t get deleted/edited, I suggest everyone to read that entire topic. People clearly state that the paying wasn’t done by doki, it was done by some random guy who got pissed off at commie.

  11. waycooler says:

    I didn’t expect LoLHeroes. Much less two episodes at once.

  12. NKVD says:

    We’ll be paying them a visit shortly.

  13. ckx says:

    File size: 420 MiB

    awwwwwwww yeah

  14. Zing says:

    Since when was subbing about speed? As long as your copy is superior to theirs, nothing else matters.

  15. muizz93 says:

    my beloved fansub was be sabotaged by ….
    how cruel if u think about it

  16. Mr Lucipher says:

    I havn’t even been watching TLR so this really doesn’t bother me.
    LoLHeroes on the other hand. Suweet.

  17. scizzer12 says:

    *reads article*
    *laughs at other people’s problems*
    *Sees two episodes of LOLH*
    “FUCK YEAH. Happiness Get. Day complete.”

  18. Triforce says:

    Read the thread, doesn’t prove shit. I enjoy your subs but stirring up a shitstorm over so little evidence is retarded, Conspiracy theories gets you nowhere.

  19. Cojic says:

    I know this has nothing to do with this thread, but any ETA on the two remaining episodes (and maybe a batch) for Sengoku Basara 2?
    And are you guys planning to continue the Bantorra BD’s or has this project been dropped?

  20. Fag It says:


  21. Diogo4D says:

    Well, i think (just think) that if Doki really paid for raw delay… they will be the ones getting a lost here (yap, a lost of money).
    But even if they did that, you guys shouldn’t be so pissed about it. Screw that! What people wants is a good release.
    Thanks for you work!

    And if you give me permission to do it… UTW fan here ^^

  22. beno says:

    why cant we all be tomodachis

  23. moefag says:

    Wait…they actually… pay for a DELAY? what the fuck is wrong with people.

  24. Flash Gordon says:


    (“Cats.” is my invention, so please don’t steal it.)

    Also this’ll go on for ages and Daiz is a pimp.

  25. tekky says:

    Check the main page of that site.. Updated some hours ago

  26. Kyp says:

    am i the only one unable to see the subs in to-love ru episode 7?

  27. Someothernigger says:

    2 episode of LoLH. One Word: Love.

  28. Sphiron says:

    umm what anime is that moving picture from?