Inferno Cop Batch

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Truly the greatest show of our generation.

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17 Responses to “Inferno Cop Batch”

  1. mianghuei says:

    You guys are clearing the show list quite nicely!

  2. redstar says:

    Trigger is the hero we deserve.

  3. Zan says:

    >Truly the greatest show of our generation.


  4. Yeah~ says:

    Hello there!

    I’ve got a few questions. will you post a K Project batch someday? And will you sub the Psycho-Pass BD?

  5. Ventilator-Junge says:

    Are you considering doing an Inferno Cop theme for the website? Or maybe a Mädchen und Panzer theme? That would be totally awesome.

    And even if you dont, thanks for the subbing and stuff.