Infinite Stratos 2 02


skiddiks|sleep|sleep: France still best girl

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22 Responses to “Infinite Stratos 2 02”

  1. Ji says:

    I’m a Brit-tan guy myself, but France is rather exceptional.

  2. AMg says:

    And everyone digs KanaHa… Charlotte. U-la-la

  3. ちんぽ says:

    Time for more delicious France.

    Where’s ep 2 of the savior of

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Cael says:

    Thanks! And good god, dat screencap!

  5. bbo says:

    last time i saw something like that they asked for my credit card information.

  6. keemeef says:

    A good dose of Charlotte a day keeps people fapping away.

  7. Malific says:

    I still will never understand how she managed to hide those tatas.

  8. Legatus says:


  9. MC says:

    Cecilia my god, that split…
    But still, I’d be Laura’s wife.

  10. anon says:

    France probably second best girl. Got nothing on Brit-chan.

    France and Germany should be a thing.

  11. Juular says:

    My penis is itchy.

  12. AcOo says:

    Thanks for IS.

  13. Acharon says:

    What a glorious puffy volvo.

  14. Recently says:

    Best show of season

  15. Shirt says:

    France best guy.

  16. fgsfds says:

    >puffy vulva

  17. redlind says:

    Actually, Russia is the best girl now.

  18. AMg says:

    Ok. That’s it. I’m abandoning this one. It’s hurting my brain. x_x

  19. Koji says:

    This is obviously a penis… Trust me, girls have a bump, but that’s not a bump… that’s a bulge. Charlotte a guy all along confirmed… a reverse reverse trap.