Infinite Stratos 2 03


Haidaraaaaa: Something something france best girl. england is worst.

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24 Responses to “Infinite Stratos 2 03”

  1. stgmefly says:

    But I like Germany

  2. doodle says:

    Excellent taste.

  3. Scrill says:

    Haidaraa confirmed for superior taste.

  4. fgsfds says:

    Char is the best girl, but Houki comes a close fucking second.

  5. kirona says:

    u guys should come to france irl D:

  6. ImoutoBro says:

    What is your argument for France best girl? KanaHana?

  7. Kara says:

    Best Girls in Order
    1. France
    2. Germany
    3. Japan
    4. China
    5. England

    hehe gnarf

  8. Shirt says:

    #1 place to come see best guy of IS

  9. Tehshower says:

    >england worst girl

    I thought that was broom. I agree with the first statement though.

  10. anon says:

    England still best girl. France is second. Gentlemen prefer blondes.

    Though Russian’s pretty tasty too.

  11. Ji says:

    >england worst girl

    But thats not Laura.

  12. Retrobrigade says:

    You guys should just hardcore troll-sub this show. You know it’s what we all want…

    For real, it would make it infinitely more fun to watch if everyone said “retard” and “fuck” a lot. I’m serious.

  13. Banchan says:

    0. Kadowaki Mai
    1. France
    2. Russia
    3. Germany
    4. China
    5. England
    6. Japan

  14. skiddikssleep says:

    Don’t encourage me

  15. Honeymunchz says:

    First time the words “France” and “”Best” have been used together?

  16. ImoutoBro says:

    If only there were more competition in IS for best guy. But there’s another show for “that” I guess.

  17. Anony says:

    You all fail.

    Tabane > all

    • skiddiks says:

      if (seiyuu == “HanaKana” || seiyuu == “Sawashiro Miyuki)

      bestGirl = true;

      bestGirl= false;

      • Satoshi says:

        Best code ever! :D
        But what about e.g. Zetsuen no Tempest? Aika and Hakaze both fill the condition =D

  18. Butternans says:

    Houki is by far the worst girl. I am not pleased that Ichika will probably get with her in the end. :(