Infinite Stratos 2 04


skiddiks: idk if we’ve told you who best girl is yet, so I made a pic to help you figure it out

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44 Responses to “Infinite Stratos 2 04”

  1. Minachi says:

    Seems about right.

  2. flupser says:

    i would rather be “WORST” than “shit” haha

    • Kirby_422 says:

      I do wonder about that. Do they consider ‘worst’ lower than ‘shit’? I would feel better if they had numbers as well, just for reassurance.

  3. Kyhz says:

    What is not!Rei from Ben-to doing there?

  4. Unknow user says:

    Totally agree with the last one, I can’t stand that bitch.

  5. Arnold says:

    ‘ok’ is not really that ok. and i like that ‘shit’ :D about worst i agree

  6. really commie says:

    ok? really?

  7. Aker says:

    I normally really support commie despite you guys being douchebags all year round.

    But fuck you Houki is not shit. Fucking hell.

  8. macxxx007 says:

    Yup… I can get behind that… well done… you guys have great taste!

    Thanks for the episode and have a great weekend!

  9. T1 says:

    It’s all garbage. Oneesan is best girl. My doujins tells so. The end.

  10. Shirt says:

    skiddiks in charge of no taste

  11. Trance says:

    All correct except “Other Best” should be “Other Shit”

    5/6 isn’t bad though I applaud you.

  12. ressal says:

    your taste is shit…

  13. E says:

    hah. more plebs who must label the REAL best girl as worst so their second rate favourite has a chance. Get on britain’s level france.

  14. whatttt says:

    Commie actually having good taste for once???? Masaka!

  15. Missing says:

    Totally Agree with your picks.

  16. anon says:

    Worst is best. Best is second best. Russian is third. The rest are meh’ish.

    Lessons, none of you are learning (though with good reason, of course).

  17. Malific says:

    This needs to be a standard Commie post.

    Every Harem you do now needs a ‘best girl’ compilation picture.

  18. Laxx says:

    Kudaranai .. Kudaranai-na.

  19. Ardur says:

    Not sure about the others but must agree France is best :3

  20. henshinwarrior101 says:

    For me I think Russia and France are best and everyone else is Okay. No one is bad or anything unless you go into a cooking contest then England is s**t. Though I love characters with the bad cooking archetype. It’s funny to see the main character eat it expecting something tasty and then get knocked out cause it isn’t

  21. ShiroKuro says:

    I super agree with this.

  22. Meisaku says:

    So true it hurts.

    France and Russia win for not being characterless and acting like real people.

  23. Stalker Fairy says:

    Sounds about right. From what I’ve seen, France and Russia is about on par, then Germany and China. England and Japan is the weakest.

  24. Echo says:

    I actually agree with all your rankings…except i don’t like the Student Council Prez too much.

  25. Renges says:

    Uh…. Epic grammar fail here

    Srsly, “your” and “you’re” -_-


  26. AcOo says:

    Thanks for the episode :).
    I disagree for Cecilia and Houki, the worst and shit is Lingyin :s

  27. incko says:

    >Laura: also best

    Commie confirmed for good taste

  28. God says:

    I completely agree with this 100%!!

  29. ImoutoBro says:

    I need numerical rankings please(e.g. 1-10), not this ambiguous shit.

  30. Sammy the Squirrel says:

    Houki is a cute strong woman who don’t need the approval of u fags

  31. Rushasu says:

    Well I like Rin more then all the others but thats just my opinion. Everyone has their tastes. I enjoy all the characters but Rin and Laura are my personal favorites. Kinda digging the new chick too and Charl is alright. The blond and Hoki kinda annoy me but they are a cute in their own ways.

  32. Eledore says:

    So according to commie, you rate girls according to there hairbands v/s character?
    Houki has four and probably takes a little time to her hair sorted but acts normal but does the most physical training. sweat in hair is shit.
    Cecilia acts like a royalty but only has one lousy sweatband making her the absolute worst. try some effort for once?
    Rin acts like a little kid, so little kids have little kids hairbands, making here Ok.
    France keeps it short and practical.
    Laura doesn’t really did not give shit about proper hairdressing. despite the long hair she has found a way to keep it. besides she is cute trying to be the alpha when she is totally lost.
    Tatenashi (i got that right?) probally has a online boyfriend. and that just makes her the other best ‘option’?