Infinite Stratos 2 10


skiddiks: This episode was delayed due to it being a Cecilia episode me having finals and getting a job. Hopefully the last two will be done soon™. All I want for Christmas is this to be over. And UMD.

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16 Responses to “Infinite Stratos 2 10”

  1. Schezza says:

    Cecilia episode ? fuck that. understandable. sorry for hating on you before.

  2. SasugaCommie says:

    What’s with the influx of troll subs in this episode? I guess Cecilia deserves it for being herself.

    • skiddiks says:

      No trolling here, officer. Pretty sure the TLC/QC removed all fun from the script.

      • Is says:

        >striked show


        >cock, -twice-

        >meta Star Wars reference


        >”I just love putting tasty meat in my mouth!”

        >OP (though in a way, its rather in-character)


        • anon-tan says:

          >TL Note: Kisama means fiend.

          I thought it was all fun. It’s not like it ruined the show’s fantastic writing or anything.

        • skiddiks says:

          >striked show

          I actually did that twice. I was pretty sure they got removed since I the first one got nuked… Not sure why one was nuked and the other wasn’t


          definitely not trolling

          >cock, -twice-

          gotta have consistency

          >meta Star Wars reference

          glad someone noticed


          might be trolling

          >”I just love putting tasty meat in my mouth!”

          she literally says that

          >OP (though in a way, its rather in-character)

          …I actually don’t know what you mean here. It’s the same OP c/p’d from ep1

      • SasugaCommie says:

        >What the hell is wrong with this -show- academy?

        >Cooking is for plebs!


        Did you even watch this episode?

  3. Elite_Soba says:

    [s]kiddiks pl[/s]

  4. Ji says:


    PSP came out ages ago faggot.

    >Cecilia episode

    So the best episode yet.

  5. iprolyhu says:

    What’s wrong with Cecelia? :D

  6. VanFinale says:

    This season has been a pretty big disappointment not that the first season was amazing but it was at least a fun watch.

    • Malific says:

      I didn’t have a lot of hope when the first episode of the season seemed like content from an OVA until the last 2 minutes.

      Still it’s not terrible for being a generic RomComHarem.

  7. Hithere says:

    Everyone knows what kind of anime this is but this episode was SO bad, not even the animators could muster up enough willpower to animate more than 8 minutes of it. The rest was stills with voiceover. Seriously, Japan?

  8. keemeef says:

    not sure if they got lazy on the last scene towards the end or just secretly censored what was going on