Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de 05


skiddiks: On the fourth day of Christmas, my skiddiks gave to me: Four stalling nerds, three French maids, two turtle tits, and a denki guy in a dead tree #SkiddiksSavesChristmas #TwelveDaysOfSkiddmas

PSA: the j in jdp actually stands for jesus

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17 Responses to “Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de 05”

  1. kuro says:

    Have also been waiting on this. Thanks for the release!

  2. Sereft says:

    When will you accept jdp as your Lord and Saviour?

  3. not_a_fish says:

    why is it that when sereft starts working on shit shirt dies? ;_;

    • puddi says:

      reft and shurt cannot coexist

      • smilr says:

        Has anyone actually seen them together in the same place? I mean, how do we know they aren’t the same person? ;P

        • PaleBlue says:

          So which one is Superman and which one is Clark Kent?

        • Ephemere says:

          What this actually comes do is simple quantum mechanics: Let us suppose that the operator representing sereft is Sr and the operator representing shurt is Sh. As currently defined, these operators do not commute, thus, while we can express the state of the fansubbing system in terms of eigenstates of either of these operators, the eigenstates of one are not the eigenstates of the other. As a result, making a measurement on one of them results in us not being able to know the state of the other. In short, we cannot know the current status of sereft and shurt at the same time. And when we are certain one exists, we cannot be certain about the state of the other.

  4. soloblast says:

    Thank you, much love <3

  5. Kirbynumbers says:

    Wait, did you draw red text on a red background

    • Kiyoso says:

      It’s red text and bordeaux underground. BASED Commie. My priposal about ‘Previously’ thing is still on.

  6. flupperman says:

    thank Skiddiks our lord and savior for Skiddmas

  7. tapemeasure says:

    Release pic is inaccurate.
    No way Reft has tits that big.