They didnt wait for the best release!

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 07

Sengoku Basara 2 06

Shukufuku no Campanella 07

Occult Academy 07

Kuroshitsuji 8

Shukufuku no Campanella 08

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49 Responses to “IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN”

  1. Shawn263241 says:

    Yes! Thanks for the release guys.

  2. Ryne says:

    now all I need are some Occult subs and I’ll be happy

  3. ckx says:

    I waited for the best

  4. Suh-kun says:

    Thanks for the releases !

    but i have a question,
    why is Sengoku Basara 06
    file size 617 MB ?

  5. Zaton says:

    I love you guys :3

  6. Mr Lucipher says:

    I too waited for the best, for LolHeroes you can’t watch anything else!

    Also, now I know of HARD GAY! You people win so hard.

  7. quincy magoo says:

    please take the size for profile font back to 55, current 45 is ok for monitor but in tv looks tiny

  8. Jason says:

    Thanks guys

  9. outlaw says:

    Any idea on the ETA for Seikimatsu?

  10. Brett says:

    Here to keep reminding you guys about House of Five Leaves (Batch)

  11. anon-kun says:

    >my face when Shiki gets faster work done on it than occult

  12. Death_Reaper says:


  13. Suzieh says:

    thank you guys!!!

  14. Adison says:

    Kuroshitsuji II – 08, sweet~ err, is it just me or… Kuroshitsuji II – 07 is not around?

  15. lol says:

    I have to agree occult and shiki is terrible, also subbed by others if you’re that desperate.




  16. anon says:

    LOLH 8 is teh out ;D

  17. lol says:

    Sigh, come on not cone on.

  18. lol says:

    And fuck whoever added that shit onto the end of my post, it made no sense either.

  19. Konata says:

    What was that anime peek at the end of Kuroshitsuji II episode 8???

  20. Zangetsu11 says:

    Hey i can’t find the link for kuroshitsuji 07!!!!!! help please

  21. Mute. says:

    Derps failing this week, guess that means you have a chance of releasing first, ofcourse it’s not a race since you win on quality.

  22. Kwel says:

    ETA on Nura? :3

  23. ano says:

    gogo, beat derp on LoL Heroes and break the chain!