Ixion Saga DT Batch


Episodes 1-11 were re-encoded to add back stuff that was missing originally (sponsor screen messages from 1-4, episode title and eyecatch from 1-11). 16 had some minor script fixes.

No patches since all but one of the episodes changed have new encodes anyway.

Episodes 1-4 were encoded off the first BD volume because I couldn’t get hold of a transport stream for episode 1 (plus the BD version of episode 1 includes the ED that was missing from the original broadcast). The rest of the episodes are TV. We have no plans to do the other BDs at this time.

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One Response to “Ixion Saga DT Batch”

  1. Harimau says:

    Thanks, gonna redownload it on the weekend. As unlikely as it is, I hope they make a second season of this.