JoJo 11, BTOOOM! 11

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 11


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29 Responses to “JoJo 11, BTOOOM! 11”

  1. Dan says:

    Will you guys be doing the BTOOOM! BDs?

  2. Shawn263241 says:

    Hooray, JoJo is finally here! Thanks!

  3. Kurogod says:

    Took you guys long enough for JoJo but thanks for doing it, especially during the holiday season.

  4. Strych says:


  5. erejnion says:

    >Hayate 12 is about to air

    >then Hayate 11 will get released around a week after it’s been marked as finished in the Showtimes

    …my mind scares me from time to time with the logic it thinks up.

  6. Nanako says:

    Thanks for BTOOOM! but are you guys going to keep doing Ixion Saga DT?

  7. stgmefly says:

    >Said Btooom was done yesterday

    >Releases today

    >Tfw I actually waited for yours

    >Tfw last to release

  8. Ashitaka says:

    You know, sometimes you guys are a little too afraid of using honorifics it seems. Translating “Date-san” to “Date” is fine, but then he drops the honorific as a show of a lack of respect, and it forces you to sort of wing it. Full name? Doesn’t really fit. I think it would have been fine to just translate that one more straight. Heck, even just having him call him “asshole” or something would have made more sense than the full name.

  9. Trollhand says:

    Thanks for the JoJo release. But the translation at 1:01 seems weird to me. Didn’t JoJo say that he’d prefer Straits to be a human coz then it’d be all over with him being sent to jail (instead of having a fight with an immortal freak)?

  10. Strych says:

    I can’t believe you guys are complaining about how the group handled Sakamoto’s dropping of “-san” rather than the author’s take on the physics of a pound and a half of adipose encased in skin when colliding with a hand-thrown object the size, shape, and probable density of a golf ball. C’mon, guys.

    Enjoying the pace that JoJo continues to spoil us with. It’s going to be PAIIIIIIIIINFUL when they put on the brakes if/when we get caught up with the manga. Really, really enjoying how there hasn’t been a single week yet that hasn’t felt fulfilling from a story advancement point of view.

    • Xythar says:

      There’s like 25 years’ worth of manga to catch up on, so I doubt we’ll be running out any time soon. This season will probably only get to the end of part 2 out of like, 8.

    • bbo says:

      considering the explosion of those crackers, they pack some serious shit. i mean, half of that ball must be electronics for the speedometer and the detonator.
      >anime physics vs reality

      Still, the fanservice aspect got me laughing. loud. Though it wouldn’t have bounced like this.

      “… have thrown it at speeds of 95–106 mph (152.9–170.59 km/h) (officially) and up to 108.1 mph (174 km/h) (unofficially)”
      That HURTS.

  11. bobthegreat says:

    A little nitpicking regarding Jojo @ 14:27, 14:31, 14:37. Shouldn’t it be “Pillar Man” instead of “Men” since Straits was referring to Santana, and not the three that are located in Italy?

    • airco says:

      Fuck me again. I actually thought of that when I got to Stroheim’s dialogue (I’ve only ever seen the Pillar Men referred to as a group, so that subconsciously came out), but I guess I forgot to go back and change Straits’s lines.

      • Haidaraaaaa says:

        I should have mentioned that before the release. I thought it looked wrong but I just disregarded it as a different translation vs “man in the column” (the manga scans I read)

      • Strych says:

        Pretty sure it comes up in the sneak peek title card too. (Can’t check at the moment but I seem to recall that.)