JoJo 3


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  3. Strych says:

    The good news is, you guys caught the title typo for this week. Yay. :) The bad news is, your proofreader missed a spot. Or two. Or a lot. :\ These are just some of the lines to look for. (Sorry, no timestamps. Noted them by taking screencaps.)

    “I saddens me to hand over the brother” should be It

    “Father, you musn’t leave the bed.” should be mustn’t

    “I gave him this ring myselft.” should be myself

    “They’re the damnest, naivest fools” should be damnedest and most naive

    And I know there was at least one more because I remember a case of comparative+superlative mismatch (something like pairing up “more” with “least” and it should have been “less” instead) but I guess I didn’t take a picture of that one while I was watching. :\

    Anyway, still very appreciative of everyone’s hard work, INCLUDING your proofreader’s. I know it’s easy to make these sorts of errors. Besides: it’s not like these files are going to be worth much for archival purposes anyway considering ALL THAT RIDICULOUS CENSORSHIP. ^^; Goodness, that level of censorship was just plain obnoxious of them to do. ^^;;

    • Strych says:

      Found it!

      “the longer one spends planning ahead, the least things go as expected.” Should be less, not least.

      Again, kudos to both TL and proofreader for their work on this series. I’d like it if you did manage to cut back on the amount of typographical or grammatical errors made, of course, but I know myself how easy it can be to make such errors when writing online and to then miss them during QCing.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      I can definitely see us doing the BDs.

    • Kyhz says:

      Thanks for your feedback. The amount of typos this week was pretty out of control. I swear upon my forefathers to at least run spellcheck before handing in the script from now on. And yes, that censorship was gross.

    • Ryukai says:

      I remember seeing “myselft” as well. Also one point where “least” was used when it should have been “less”.

  4. Jojo says:

    Thanks for the Jojo subbin’

  5. Cr says:

    Will you really be doing the BDs?! That would be awesome!

  6. CyborgGuy says:

    What happened to the ending? please don’t tell me you cut it to save space I love that ending!

    • Jojo says:

      You may’ve noticed that credits were appearing over the last couple minutes of the episode. The episode went a bit extra long, instead of having the closing song.

      Speaking of Jojo, where is the next episode??? I know it doesn’t air until tomorrow, but I’d like it tonight instead ty