JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 21, Senran Kagura 12 END

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – 21

Senran Kagura – 12 END

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9 Responses to “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 21, Senran Kagura 12 END”

  1. Infralion says:


  2. H_B says:

    Yo guys, are you planning to do Senran specials?

  3. Shawn263241 says:

    Frickin’ finally; that took you guys way too long. Still, thanks!!

  4. jojo says:

    jojo jojo jojo jojojojo

  5. Google says:

    ooooh nooooooooooo

  6. CharlietheFaggot says:

    Getting Jojo from you folks here at Commie is so much fun, because I never know for sure when it’s released and can really turn any shitty day into a fabulous day. Cheers.

  7. SomeLoser says:

    thanks for JoJo, episode and subbing was pretty damn good.

  8. Evol says:

    Fabulous!! Thanks Commie.

  9. Shin-Ken says:

    Glad to get it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not pumping things out as fast as other fansub groups… as long as the quality is there!