JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders 01


Xythar: It’s h啊ppening

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  1. AMg says:

    Too bad gg don’t want to pick up this. I like the gg’s sub on the first season ’cause they put an extra effort making the translation language use the same as the era where the series took place (though most you guys found it hard to understand and feel confused). Still, it doesn’t matter for Stardust Crusader since it took place in the 90’s. Not much different if commie wanna (if only) keep it to the era.


    • herkz says:

      Yes, but the downside to gg’s subs were they were partially made up, while ours weren’t.

      • AMg says:

        Made up as to what?

        • herkz says:

          as in the translation is inaccurate lots of the time?

          what else could that possibly mean

          • AMg says:

            I see. At least I understand the story (A bit of wiki and I did read the manga back in 2000, mostly the Battle Tendency arc and translated in Malay). The fight scene in the manga as I remembered is quiet confusing at times.

            • SAL says:

              As someone who’s read the manga, I can say gg was pretty much the worst at subbing JoJo S1, while Commie one of the best.

    • V says:

      What are you drinking!? Clearly you’re not from the UK. gg’s subs for S1 are a joke!

      • AMg says:

        Don’t care. It feels so faux-Briton that it’s sound legit to me. :3

      • A says:

        I am from the UK and I found GG subs fucking hilarious.
        A bit like father ted was the the Irish GG made a joke from the English stereotype.
        If we cant laugh at a joke about our selves what can we laugh at?

  2. bathpants says:

    Commie, Are you doing Kenzen Robo Daimidaler?

  3. Nemura says:

    Based commie, been waiting for this.

  4. Hinata says:

    Thaaaaaaanks!! :)

  5. AMg says:

    So much badass. So much ham. That’s JoJo to you.

  6. ZTF says:

    yer yer days

  7. Mieszko says:

    Won’t you guys sub the Break Blade TV series? gg already said no and it isn’t being simulcast.

  8. pandoramon says:

    you forget typeset title at 4:20

  9. jmister says:

    Thanks for your hard work !

  10. Hazama Masayoshi says:

    so i asked on gg and i got a lol so i’ll ask here,

    are the subs strictly going to be a crunchyshit rip or will we get a bit of flair from you guys?

  11. Bleh says:

    Guessing you guys are using English versions of names for this? (possibly only difference in the series, Holly is Holy in japanese)

  12. Kami says:

    “are the subs strictly going to be a crunchyshit rip or will we get a bit of flair from you guys?”

    CR subs are very good for this show.

    • herkz says:

      they are, but i think it would be obvious by now that our typesetting will be highly :effort:

  13. Saru says:

    His name is not “Avdol” it’s “Abdul”. Maybe you can fix this in the future.

    • herkz says:

      Apr 05 [01:20:22]<&Kyhz> Hdr, Avdol or Abdul?
      Apr 05 [01:20:33]<&Hdr> I prefer avdol myself
      Apr 05 [01:20:45]<&Kyhz> ok then we're all of the same mind

      • Saru says:

        Abdul is short for abdullah which is an actual name Avdol doesn’t mean shit.

        • herkz says:

          avdol is however the translation in the official english release of the manga

          • Saru says:

            Damn murricans ! Can’t blame them for being uneducated cunts.

            • Donut says:

              Jojoveller had it romanized as Muhammad Avdol. So…they subs are fine.

              Thank you Commie

              • Saru says:

                The subs are fine that’s not my point.
                To put it as simply as possible: “avdol” is a google translate translation.
                عبد -> アブドゥル -> Avdol
                How it should be :
                عبد -> Abdul

  14. AMg says:

    Inb4 “Who’s that Pokemon?” jokes

  15. Kami says:

    Prefer “Abdul” myself, but w/e anyway.

  16. Kami says:

    Btw – looking forward for ur songs translation in next ep.

  17. Kami says:

    Do not forget to put romaji lyrics into second ep, please.

  18. Clare says:

    May I ask what about OP in 2 ep JoJo?
    Will you release it with translated OP?

    This OP is so great, I wish to know what is it about.

  19. Dracula says:

    Thanks for the Jojo!

  20. Evol says:

    Thanks Commie. Your hard work is appreciated.