JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders 05


Xythar: I sure hope this works

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31 Responses to “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders 05”

  1. Haidaraaaaa says:

    tl note: Avdol’s crossfire hurricane special may melt your toaster

  2. Ddadain says:

    Lol… it’s causing mpc to crash o_O

    WARNING: 5:48 WILL cause your computers to explode.

  3. Phi says:

    Yeah its really bad, please fix.

  4. quartz says:

    This is worse than Daiz’s encoding

  5. Anon says:

    Is this the long-awaited episode that finally kills all the Haali users?

  6. Devil says:

    yep at 5 48 the screen freezes on my computer with mpc lates codecs and everything

  7. Catastrophe says:

    haswell i7 and gtx770…. lagged….

    good job commie, good fucking job

  8. Phi says:

    Can we at least hope for a V2 in the batch?

  9. Zet says:

    Update or change your fucking codec packs if that part isn’t working for you.

    • CrossfireHurricane says:

      Running Haali on an ancient toaster and still played it just fine. You’ll have to better than that.

  10. LnD says:

    Bizarre TS.

  11. Name-san says:

    Using MadVR, xysubfilter on i7 with good amd hd gpu

    It goes slow for about a second but no style effect shows. It’s just “SUCK” in yellow font seemingly static – not mimicking the effects of the japanese original.

    Has anyone actually managed to produce the intended style?