JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders 09


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20 Responses to “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders 09”

  1. Pikminiman says:

    Did not see this release coming. Nice release pic.

  2. shinobigod says:


  3. YoshiChao says:

    Well he isn’t lying when he says his nose is broke and his jaw will need to be wired.

  4. Xephron says:

    Why does this guy have two faces?

  5. anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Th-thanks haidara

  7. AMg says:

    Hail haidara!

  8. Xall says:

    What the hell? Why ar you guys so based?

  9. AMg says:

    KTM’s West Coast line. Probably somewhere between Johore and Negri Sembilan :3

  10. animenewbie says:

    Nice! I do hope you guys will catch up before or soon after the fall break in the series.

  11. bbo says:

    still a better mugshot than edward.

  12. Catastrophe says:

    tis but a flesh wound

  13. Tom Ace says:

    >still bothering to do this

  14. JohnnyArcade says:

    I started watching your fansub thanks to the amazing work that you did on the first 2 parts of Jojo.
    This is like a miracle! I hope you can keep doing this series. Good luck.

  15. Sparky Kestrel says:

    Holy fuck a Jojo release.

  16. SilverSwag says:

    Would you be able to sub the rest doing at least 1 a month?