Kampfer BD

Note: This was a solo project. Kudos to __ar.


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  2. Naix says:

    Do the lolh stuff, the other groups suck…

  3. RJ says:

    brb deleting pr0n

    • Basement Dad says:

      > deleting Pr0n

      ??? HERETIC. You shall not delete Pr0n.
      11th forgotten Commandment (written on the third stone plate moses dropped).

      • RJ says:

        >written on the third stone plate moses dropped

        Oldies used to watch porn on stone plates?

        • newfag says:

          fucktard, don’t you know the 10 Commandments?
          Even if they weren’t written on stone.
          How dumb can you be to think he’s implying pron on stone plates?

          • RJ says:

            Because I’ve never read nor even heard about these “stones”.
            But thanks for your posts I just learned something new.

          • Stove says:

            I smell christfag.

          • newfag says:

            no way

            I even left church 3 weeks ago, who’d pay these bastards for a being that is not existent

            It’s just that this comment was so stupid, I had to write something or my rage would’ve discharged somewhere else

            Basement daddy was implying there was an 11th commandment besides the known 10, which was lost during moses clumsiness. The lost commandment was ‘you shall not delete pronz’

            How in hell could someone interpret it the way RJ did?

  4. Fenomenal says:

    Gewd work. Tks. ;)

  5. Mr Lucipher says:

    Mhmm, I think I may download this once my isp changes over and this stoopid dl cap is removed :D

  6. Risk says:

    2 of the special (groping scene and dressing room) don’t seem to work at all.

    And there seems to be lagging within the videos randomly.

  7. Blammo says:

    Thanks! the quality is great, but the changin room omake seems to have the wrong timing for the audio. All others are perfect

  8. ar says:

    Ooops that’s my bad, had 2 flac’s for it, one previous with the start cut off, and one current with start included. Looks like I muxed the wrong one (they were both named similarly).

    Here’s a patch to fix it.


    It’s only 6mb so not point releasing a torrent of it unless RHE is bothered. I’m pretty much meh about releasing a 6mb torrent!

  9. RJ says:

    I never knew people on the internet were serious about other people on the intenet that know shit about religious stuff..
    Never mind, my mistake for not researching about religion before posting on an anime fansubbing group blog.

    • newfag says:

      I don’t know where you live, but this is common knowledge.
      Even the worst sandnigger, who infests an innocent country and lives like a fucking parasite should know about this shit.

      There is something called school, where you should learn about politics, history, religion.
      Or is the country where you live so self centered, that you only learn about your own people?

      • RJ says:

        Agh I’m getting bored of this.
        I already told you 2 times. I never heard of these stones. Never read about them. Never gonna care about them.
        Some countries don’t really teach about other religions. As you have guessed. Yes the middle east. They don’t really teach shit about Christianity nor about Judaism.
        I’m one of those guys that didn’t really get taught about Christianity nor about Judaism. I had to google them and learn more about them. Sadly I left some notes that I should have read…
        Now that you have known where I’m from and why the hell they don’t teach us about ancient holy stones. Can we stop talking about this? I hate talking about shit that aren’t related to anime on an anime blog…

  10. Reverse says:

    is it possible for this one to be uploaded on MU or HF?

  11. Yukihiro says:

    are the files on the xdcc server patched? megaupload had it’s domain seized.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Pretty sure they are. I think the torrents are patched too, the patches are for people who got a previous batch.

      • Yukihiro says:

        Just downloaded and tested it and the audio for the change room omake is still not in sync. If anyone has the patch I’d appreciate it.