Kantai Collection 01


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  1. Tim says:


  2. valor says:


  3. Cpt.ClownPorn says:

    Cool, thanks. So what else will you guys be doing? I see the showtimes haven’t been updated yet.

  4. Gat says:

    Boats ‘n hos!

  5. Mehrwerfer says:

    Is this now a CR edit or an original TL?

  6. Echo says:


  7. Anon says:

    >Editor: RHExcelion

    Ayy welcome back o glorious leader.

  8. OtakuMage says:

    The one show I was waiting for this season. Thank you for the ship girls.

  9. Admiral says:

    My Imperial Japanese Navy Cyborg Girl Can’t Be This Cute!

  10. AMg says:

    CGI, CGI everywhere. (Not that I’m complaining…) And boats. And I bet no Nagamon hijinks, eh?

    Ha. They trying hard to win all Kancolle players by introducing all the well-known Kanmusu in one episode. I bet they remove The Admiral out of equation to make the viewers the base commander themselves.

  11. bbo says:



  12. tm says:

    nice boat(s)

  13. Coburn says:

    Cheers. Was going to watch another group subs but then i would miss the memes.

  14. addityo says:

    hi herkz, is this anime good?

  15. eXtaticus says:

    Glorious based Commie.

  16. Дедушка Ленин says:

    Not enough memes, at least we got cyrillic text for russian.
    Верный best girl. Хорошо!