Kantai Collection 06


Dozo: herkz is a faggot.
Brainchild: Herkz is a faggot.
Jing: >Herkz


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36 Responses to “Kantai Collection 06”

  1. TheErodred says:


  2. Catastrophe says:

    >Autoplay Webbum

  3. keemeef~ says:

    Thank you, Based Commie
    Just what I need… An anime to watch to prevent me from studying for the midterm in 13 hours..

  4. Kyon12 says:

    lol i though i heard a weird voice when I booted my computer but it was this, XD funny but a bit annoying after a few times

  5. Lilisc says:

    >Next Time : I Hate the the First Carrier Division!

    The the?

  6. AMg says:

    Akatsuki-class Destroyer in spotlight. inb4 Nagamon jokes.

    Psycho-lesbian Ooi is psycho. Errr… o_O

    Too many in-games/fandom jokes in one episode.

  7. AngeMyLove says:

    What happened to cross ange. I’m still waiting

    ☞Shirt, skiddiks and Ephemere please finish it.

  8. Hil says:

    I had to add the video to AdBlock to shut it up… Pls don’t do things like this! Many people has dozens of tabs open in the browser. For me, Commie is one of the always open sites.

    • HP says:

      or you could just right click the video and pause it

    • Schezza says:

      It’s a bit annoying, yes, but, if you open your daily fansub bookmarks and you hear something, it can also create some funny scenes.

      Although it stops to get funny, cause every time you hear something, in 99.75% of all cases Commie is at fault. Commie, ur bed.

      Shouldn’t we be overjoyed though? It’s the first time we get a webm with a track! (however I’m not trying to motivate you guys…)

      • herkz says:

        >daily fansub bookmarks

        have you not heard of RSS feeds?

        • Hil says:



        • Schezza says:

          well, you have to click on the RSS bookmark to get info, so where the fuck is the difference. in fact, opening six bookmarks tabs via one click and using my sexy mousemacro to close the tabs in a splitsecond, is much more exciting than having 6 ugly RSS bookmarks sitting somewhere and clicking them one by one. In fact, the loading time for each RSS added together is longer than it takes me to do a manual check for news.

          Only smart thing would be if you could pull multiple feeds into one, but where’s the fun in looking at a huge list where you’d even have to read first which release is from which group, granted that information is even displayed; besides not every group has RSS. Also it’s fucking boring like I said. I’d rather have the thrill at looking new covers and from time to time even surprise buttsex by a BD release.

          Also I’m a nostalgic person. For example, my once per week bookmark list contains a website to a group that joined DCTP – they haven’t posted a thing in 7 years. So, I’m extremely loyal, so don’t shit on my head bro ^^

    • Dium says:

      I don’t know what kind of [b]shitty[/b] browser you’re using, but Chrome plays it when you mouse over it.

  9. Coil says:

    >that preview pic

    It’s official, I love you guys.

  10. yus says:

    All you need now is a beat. Will anyone rise to the challenge?

  11. Anon says:

    Opening this in multiple tabs is amazing.

  12. flupperman says:

    damn i want to watch this show now, paaam papa paaaam

  13. Buuuuu says:

    Open up 20 tabs for maximum enjoyment

  14. Ser_Destroyer says:

    this kills my ears but I love it anyway!
    thanks for the release ^_^

  15. webm-demands says:

    I know I suggested sound webm…

    Nope, don’t regret it.

  16. mercer says:

    any update on tsukimonogatari??

  17. Anon says:

    >Jing: >Herkz