Kantai Collection 08


lae: ur favurit animes is a shit

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9 Responses to “Kantai Collection 08”

  1. Coburn says:

    > can’t keep balance on a log in the middle of the ocean

    > sunk

  2. Ashur says:

    Yamato best kanmusu

  3. wat says:

    This anime is better than Strike Witches!

  4. Mehrwerfer says:


    Commiesubs.meme or CommiesubsWith.meme


  5. AMg says:

    Mutsuki SUNK! Man overboard!

  6. Coburn says:

    I will say though, Yamato firing those cannons and blowing the enemy planes up in one shot was pretty awesome! I liked the way Fubuki’s engine wasn’t going to fire up towing Yamato… I expected her to get covered in soot like a engine backfire.

    At least the anime is coming along nicely… It might be a cash in but its a good adaption.

  7. rapter says:

    thanks commie