Kantai Collection 10


Dozo: <+dium> >fubuki’s remodel
herkz: dium more like dum
Dozo: ayylmao
Ephemere: >dium
Sereft: who?
lae: >shitcolle
skiddiks: >dum
lae: i have nothing to do with this TETORA IS THE BEST IDOL

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11 Responses to “Kantai Collection 10”

  1. damnitherkz says:

    tetora wurst idol

  2. Ashikoki says:

    Is that birdnoah?

  3. keemeef~ says:

    Finals finally done, and just in time to watch some boats.. Thanks for the release Based Commie~

  4. Catastrophe says:


  5. rapter says:

    Thanks commie.

  6. Anon says:

    lae more like lame

  7. Keima Kaname says:

    Thank you for the episode.