Katanagatari New TV OP/ED

Katanagatari – New TV OP

Katanagatari – New TV ED

The noitaminA reairing of Katanagatari came with a new OP and ED by Supercell and Piko respectively. fnord was interested in translating them, so I thought I might as well encode and style the new OP/ED too.

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23 Responses to “Katanagatari New TV OP/ED”

  1. Choob says:

    Thanks, I loved the series. Especially the ending, made it one of the best and most memorable anime of 2010.

  2. Shayn says:

    Well, better than nothing so thanks !

  3. Box says:

    This show damaged me emotionally and it was wonderful

  4. stushi says:

    Why don’t you pretend like you’re subbing this now, and post an episode every week?

  5. Risq says:

    AWESOME! Thanks for releasing this!

  6. Shun says:

    It’s amazing how they managed to spoil the whole show ( including the most touching moment ) in less than 3 minutse (op+ed)

  7. Anonymous says:

    You guys are awesome. I was just complaining that Mazui should sub the new OP/ED yesterday, Commie saves the day again.

  8. Havok says:

    Thanks for this! Time to archive it :) I finished Katanagatari not too long ago but man I F’n <3 Togame

  9. Chortos-2 says:

    Is this encoded from the TV broadcast or from the Blu-rays that came out three days ago?

  10. rupus says:

    Hmmm…I’m interested in RHE’s loli collection. Do want.

  11. Meepmeep says:

    Nice font btw

  12. anon-tan says:

    The OP now looks like a spoilerific AMV. Original OP will always be best OP. The new song is nice, though. ED is pretty, but I guess the song and visuals won’t change with each episode this time around. Well, except for the preview.

    Do you guys know if anything else was changed, or was it just the OP and ED?

  13. FlareZero says:

    Thanks for the relase; can I ask if I can upload this on my youtube channel? I’ll offcourse write the credits for that, and put the links of yours site.