Kenzen Robo Daimidaler 01v2


herkz: >qc >2014

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23 Responses to “Kenzen Robo Daimidaler 01v2”

  1. Catastrophe says:


  2. Ddadain says:

    Thanks for the release.

    Having said that, first show dropped this season. My brain… can’t take it…


  3. johnny_dickpants says:

    where the patch at nigga

  4. drpepper says:

    So… the worst release ever v2?

  5. Kixaz says:

    IS THIS ATX UNCEN?! is all I have to ask.

  6. keemeef says:

    So any particular reason you guys picked this up? Be honest.

  7. Commander Bubble says:

    i don’t even know what i just watched…

  8. noanoxan says:

    Why, Japan, why?

    Y’know, nevermind. I don’t care why; I’ll watch it anyway.