Kill la Kill 01


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  1. TheStubbsMan says:

    Holy shit, that file is huge!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kill la Kill? Don’t you mean Cwella la Cwellan?

  3. Anifan says:

    Cheers for the timely release :D – kick the weekend off with a bank

  4. stgmefly says:

    Kill la commie

  5. Acharon says:

    Thanks Commie. That was a pretty fun first episode.

  6. Pebble says:

    Typesetting kinda takes away from the flavour of the show. It’s a bit too scifi and not as IN YOUR FACE as the japanese font in the show is.

    Also, maybe it’s a good idea not to remove the japanese font for the episode title. I like the original japanese font a lot and I don’t like having to close the subs everytime I want to see it.

  7. anotheranon says:

    The old season won’t end for me until I see the final episode of Symphogear. It is just one episode, can’t you get someone else to translate it. Please.

  8. SS says:

    Kill la Vale. For where the fuck is Symphogear.

  9. _ says:

    Are you guys likely to pick up LB! Refrain?

  10. Hitman says:

    Thanks for this.
    Will you also release Strike the Blood? It’s simulcast on CR.

  11. You Fuckers says:

    Senki Zesshou Symphogear G –

    This had better be a fucking joke.

  12. bbo says:


    Watch this shit or put a third eye socket into your brain.

  13. Justinnnnnn says:

    -I’m a noob and I use VLC. I should use CCCP with CMP, right?

    -How come the filesize is so big when compared to HS’s (more than double the size). Herkz said it was because of the animation, but surely CR got around that? Or is it because of the typesetting?

    And as for the typesetting, I’ll be a senseless douche and say two things:

    -See if you could change the font, isn’t it a bit too round at the edges, whereas the kanji is more square Impact-ishlikeish?
    -Personally, I’d leave the original artwork (preview) and see how to put the typesetting around it or following the movement, kind of what you did at 1:35. Title screen is obviously another issue of how to tackle it.

    I guess this show must be a typesetting nightmare, but if you were feeling like hearing what did one of your watchers think of your release, well I got ya. I’d rather wait for quality subs from here than rush for HS. Thanks for the release and hard work guys.

  14. bbo says:

    will you guys be doing magi season 2? or did the team scram?

  15. Frosty the Snowman says:

    Please fix the typesetting for the red text for future episodes so it’s possible to read the english translation. Even on a 46″ screen, I still find it hard to read and dicern the small english translation from the large red kanji.

  16. AMg says:

    Gainax, gainaxing EVERYWHERE!

    Rawr, Rawr! Fight the School authority!

  17. Commander Bubble says:

    i had low expectations starting this show and didn’t realise it would spiral out of control anything like it did.

    Do The Impossible!