Kill la Kill 03


release: best viewed in the nude

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14 Responses to “Kill la Kill 03”

  1. bbo says:

    body = ready

  2. vid says:

    Mako continues to be best character

  3. Contraile says:

    Ed. note: the Hitler Cabinet was actually formed on the 30th, not the 10th. I suspect this is the branch point for KLK’s timeline and ours.

  4. TheAmokz says:

    This show just keeps getting better and better.

  5. Wolfie says:

    I think there’s a translation error on line 540.

  6. Commander Bubble says:

    @ 19:03, should that be Kamui Senketsu, not Jenketsu?

  7. non says:

    That episode was ape-shit awesome. It’s been forever since I’ve been blown away like this by an anime fight. My head exploded.

  8. Laxx says:

    2×22 panels, 2581×15874 pixels

  9. AMg says:

    Whoa… Too much Spiral energy in this episode.

    You know what is the best part? Hiroyuki Sawano is doing the scores. That’s why you can heard some of his distinctive marks in the BGM.
    More Engrish, Latin and probably German insert songs. Yay