Kill la Kill 08


release: i climax to release my power too

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5 Responses to “Kill la Kill 08”

  1. AMg says:

    I see what you did there. :P

    Double entendre at its best. That Gamagoori is actually a good guy except his loyalty to Satsuki.

    The next episode should be fun to watch. How you gonna dodge that, Ryuko?

    • kaszak says:

      I think Satsuki is not an evil character either, there will probably be a plot twist where will be explainet that it wasn’t Satsuki that killed Ryuko’s father, or that the father was a bad guy and had to be put down. I can’t wait for this.

      • Peter says:

        At least, she may be “bad for very good reasons” with her resolve coming from some place that viewer can empathize with. With this series I would not be shocked if for example she’s whipping up humans in shape with extremely drastic and tyrannic measures against real outside threat… or sth like this.

        • AMg says:

          The necessary evil you might add. Sort like Lordgnome did to the human population in TTGL.
          While her four lieutenants true to upholding the law and virtue imposed by her iron-fist rule (at least from the surface as we don’t know the true face of Inumuta and Jakuzure), nothing said to their underlings and its minions. They probably consume with the power and status of the Goku Serafuku. They will obey what the Student Councils order them as long as they can keep the wealth and power that came with the prized suit.

      • AMg says:

        You have been reading tvtropes’ WMG section, haven’t you?

        If the rumor is true then it’s justifiable that it gonna be a standard 25-episode run. For this particular anime, I like to sit back and let the show “surprise” me. No need to critically think about the plot because the action is so damn absurd.