Kill la Kill 11


release: bitch

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10 Responses to “Kill la Kill 11”

  1. Temp :P says:

    Thanks. (Much better subs than the professionals)

    • Csiko says:

      Not sure, but if we do BDs or something I may change some things. Too much terminology English/Japanese inconsistency and it’s grating my autism really bad.

      Appreciate the comment though.

  2. bblox says:

    i JUST downloaded a release from the shitty groups. :rolleyes:

  3. Shadowakumu says:

    *dickmode on* Still no Golden Time ? Hurry on, lazy staff ~.~ ! *dickmode off* Yes that was my dickmode :D

  4. Newnus says:


  5. koct9i says:

    Oh, LOL. embedded ahronbd.ttf just killed my freetype 2.5.1

    true killing release

  6. AMg says:

    There will always be a bigger fish to fry. This probably the turning point of the story. Awww yeah!

  7. bblox says:

    I don’t know, since satsuki flipped her shit I’m assuming she’s not in full control of her actions and raises her little army to try and overthrow her parent’s “little” club.

  8. Commander Bubble says:

    Her heartbeat has the same sound as the Core-Drill, and senketsu gained the power of flight just like gurren lagann did…

    not sure if this show can get any more awesome.