Kill la Kill 15


release: TL note: tsuki means buttsex

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7 Responses to “Kill la Kill 15”

  1. Yaranaika says:

    tsuki suki?

  2. bbo says:

    To be precise, it means “thrust” and sounds like moon.

  3. Rthr says:

    I was expecting new opening.

  4. ghli says:

    Is it just me or does the video freeze at 2:53? And by freeze, it’s not just the video but my computer freezes too or everything slows down to the point that it’s hard to do anything. It passes after a time. This problem also appeared happened with Yuushibu 11 and 12, and FTW’s chuunybyou ren episode 2 but at different points. I’ve tried redownloading the episode but the problem persists. I use MPC-HC and I’ve tried reinstalling but it doesn’t fix it either.

  5. AMg says:

    Now, the next episode will confirm or joss what the fans speculate about both Ryouko and Satsuki since the start of the series.