Kill la Kill 17


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5 Responses to “Kill la Kill 17”

  1. bbo says:

    Called it.
    I know I wrote they would work together, but loosely defined satsuki used ryokou as distraction.

  2. Zan says:

    >”to the person the loves most in the whole world!”


  3. AMg says:

    Price: Makarov…you ever hear the old saying…the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

    Makarov: Price, one day you’re going to find that cuts both ways.

    So, that sums up what will you expect for the rest of the series. Either they join forces or rather a fragile mutual alliance. It’s Daughter (or is it that her real daughter) vs. Mother and Determinator vs. Nemesis. Damn. It’s Guilty Crown all over again!

  4. AMg says:

    Ira Gamagoori in “Meet the Mankanshokus”