Kill la Kill 23


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7 Responses to “Kill la Kill 23”

  1. anon says:


    Sankyu gaisu!

  2. Katsuko says:

    Great work! One more episode.
    But you didn’t change lyrics of ending.

  3. AMg says:

    #23 finally found her way back.

    So much TTGL reference, so much awesomeness in this episode. The finale is around the corner. Are your body is ready?

  4. Catastrophe says:

    dat Nui hijack tho….

    • anon says:

      Harime is badass. Kiryuin Rygyo is badass. Kiryuin Satsuki is badass. Matoi Ryuko is badass. Matoi Isshin is badass. Mankanshoku Mako is badass. Gamagoori is badass. Sanageyama is badass. Jakuzure is badass. Inumuta is badass. Iori is badass.

      Hell, who isn’t badass in this show, except for the no-names and small fries?