Kill la Kill 24 END


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24 Responses to “Kill la Kill 24 END”

  1. Oneoftheold says:


  2. Catastrophe says:


  3. ZTF says:

    Good work on the series.

    You guys gonna sub Ping Pong the Animation?

  4. flupperman says:

    i haven’t watched it jet, is it any good?

  5. tyson says:

    this episode is best viewed naked

  6. AMg says:

    How many people is needed to absorb the impact of celestial body atmospheric re-entry?

    Dat Gurren Lagann ending minus hurling light-years size galaxies at each other.

    Based Trigger.

    Now, what series are you guys doing this Spring?

  7. foducool says:

    now to wait for the bundle torrent

  8. jaQbek says:

    I have only few words: the anime has been saved.

  9. Germo says:

    And they never used Light your heart up. Sad times.

    • jaQbek says:

      In this episode nope, but in previous yes. For example EP07 in 7:57min.

      • Germo says:

        Oh, you’re right. I guess I only started looking for it after listening to the OST. Something to look forward to for the rewatch, then!

  10. Laxx says:

    Even Inferno Cop shed a little tear at the end.

  11. bbo says:

    gamagori ganman anyone?

  12. ghli says:

    dat orgy

  13. Anon says:

    When’s the batch? Anytime in the next week or so? I’m dying to rewatch this series with actually good subs.