Kotoura 01


We decided we weren’t doing enough shows this season, you see.

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38 Responses to “Kotoura 01”

  1. anon says:

    Apparently it’s crap.

  2. Blade says:

    Commie pls

  3. deadman80 says:

    Thanks for picking this up ^_^
    I wasn’t exactly looking forward to relying on HS since no one else picked it up.

  4. kayuinc says:


  5. Honeymunchz says:

    #1 show of the season (imo)

  6. Amatsumagatsuchi says:

    Do you even waifu?

  7. korol says:

    What is it now, 28 shows at once?

  8. Infralion says:

    I skipped through the first episode on Youtube and decided I’ll pick this show up.
    Thanks, Commie

  9. Kenshin_sama says:

    I approve of this.

  10. RaccoonGoon says:

    Ask and ye shall receive, I guess…

    Thanks for this one though guys, seriously

  11. GX-9901 says:

    yosh! see you guys again tomorrow for episode 2 when you release it ^^

  12. Fungi says:

    I appreciate the localized title

  13. Kanoto says:

    dammit commie. You keep on giving me shows that I can’t resist watching. I’v already limited my fansub sources to two groups to curtail watching anime, and yet you keep delivering stuff I love to watch.

  14. Random says:

    Omg thanks! i thought i was never going to be able to watch this since id rather not watch an anime if HS subbed it ;s

  15. Keine says:

    I didn’t actually expect much from this series but that was probably one of the quickest 24-minute episodes I’ve ever watched..

  16. bbo says:

    Commiesubs. Putting “working” and “class” together since… when were you founded again?

  17. lol says:

    loool people are talking about this show, better pick it up so we can make sure there is at least one extra shitty set of subs for it

  18. Anifan says:

    If you release it, we will leech

  19. Solaristics says:

    Seitokai Where QQ.

    Also thank you, now I can ditch Horribles.

  20. Sage009 says:

    Aw snap.
    Btw where’s the rest of Kokoro?

  21. macxxx007 says:


    This a good one, too! Thanks so much for adding this to your repertoire!

  22. Shawn263241 says:

    Awesome, thanks. Sadly I’ve already seen episode 1, but I’m eagerly looking forward to episode two!

    On an unrelated note, how did you go about editing and timing JoJo when Nanu has still not translated it?

  23. Panzer says:

    I love you guys.

    No homo.