Koufuku Graffiti 01


Shirt: Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the subs!

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25 Responses to “Koufuku Graffiti 01”

  1. erejnion says:

    Love you, guys. Time for a rewatch.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another show ruined by Commie meme-subbing.

  3. suisuigo says:

    Praise the hammer and sickle!

  4. Jingdied says:

    Jing died or what? Still no Psycho-Pass, and he is delaying Shigatsu wa.

  5. bbo says:

    needs more dicks.

    • skiddiks says:

      I considered putting dicks in the webm, but that would’ve delayed the release another hour lol

  6. Implying says:

    Hunger is definitely the best sauce.

  7. Anon says:

    Well that was better than expected, still hella different to the manga, needs much more lewd eating.

  8. lol says:

    What the fuck, Inou Battle in 10 months…

  9. nickz says:

    Ahh… bouncy food. How I’ve missed you.

  10. Rolly says:

    Yay, thanks! I just hope you guys don’t drop it mid-way through though as well :p

  11. Anonymous says:

    >Cutting sponsors

    >Despite those having an original song

    The cartel needs to be stopped.

  12. anony says:

    any meme-ification garbage in this release?

  13. Sakaitsu says:

    Thanks !