Koufuku Graffiti 09


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7 Responses to “Koufuku Graffiti 09”

  1. Torn says:

    Nice scrolling text la

  2. Mugiwara says:

    Thanks for doing the show

  3. bbo says:

    If you’re done with that, you can come over to my house and continue.

    Don’t forget your sukumizu.

  4. Bat Guano says:

    At 13:06, this translation of Koufuku Graffiti episode 9 from you swell people describes a “pouch of mochi that has soaked up the flavor of the oden”. DeadFish made a version 2 translation that merely described this as a “bag that has absorbed the flavors of the oden”. I preferred your line as it better describes what the pouch/bag is. But even better would be explanation subtitles on the top of the frame that appear to describe the more obscure things, references, or inside jokes to us westerners.

    Researching further, this bag is a Kinchaku (巾着, literally “pouch”): pouches of thin deep fried tofu (aburaage) filled with mochi and other ingredients, with the top tied with kanpyō. Also referred to as fukuro (袋, literally “bag”). One girl bites into this bag and goes all gaga. Mochi (餅) is a pounded glutinous rice cake and is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year. Just putting the mochi in the oden would cause it to melt and dissolve into the soup, hence the edible bag to prevent this.

    Inserting this information in a description subtitle at the top of the screen could go like:
    Kinchaku pouch of thin deep fried tofu filled with mochi (pounded glutinous rice cake) and other ingredients.

    These explanation subtitles are a little intrusive, but they can really help to describe what is going on to a foreign audience.

  5. Xall says:

    Why is this show so boring?