Koyomimonogatari 01

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herkz: enjoy you’re eyecancer video

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25 Responses to “Koyomimonogatari 01”

  1. Anon says:

    >check amazon

    >BDs still not solicited


  2. don says:

    I enjoyed you are eye cancer video.

  3. man00ver says:

    Saved, nonetheless. And thanks.

  4. Corno4 says:

    Your finally doing this!

  5. Junior says:

    ONA 02 ?

  6. keemeef~ says:

    If only all the monogatari eps are this short and not give me eye cancer, that would be great. Thanks for the release btw.

  7. Sammy says:

    >Koyomimonogatari – 01

    wut… I thought it was gonna be a movie or something

  8. Overmind says:

    >enjoy you’re eyecancer video


    Thanks herkz-senpai, we already have eyecancer from your grammar

  9. Knugen says:

    I can see what you mean by eyecancer from the op and the ep. Thankfully the powerpoint that is the story doesn’t move much so it’s not all that bad.

  10. thedarkstalker says:

    When will be the next episodes out?

  11. Omega says:

    Why just one? The entire episode already out