Kyousougiga 06


herkz: What is this shit? ^

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33 Responses to “Kyousougiga 06”

  1. lae says:

    the peak of anime

  2. Chinko Drill says:

    we gettin’ blue pencilled

  3. Dutch says:

    wait, so why did it change?

  4. Larg says:

    This is ridiculous.

  5. Leon says:

    Web version vs TV version?

  6. V says:

    It seems the OP changed and you guys managed to use the old version instead. Is it going to get fixed or stay fucked?

  7. macxxx007 says:

    Japan is becoming more prudish…

    Thanks for the episode!


  8. bblox says:

    The ban on questionable material by tokio gouverner “mini-hitler” happened.

  9. Laxx says:

    A clear case of man vs woman at work.

  10. Imtootiredtofigureitout says:

    I believe the changes are because in the previous version (that’s from the 1st one right?), White Koto was not hinted at all to be Brown Koto’s mother. If you compare even with the 1st version and the 2nd version (the one uploaded here is 3rd), there were definitely some changes to the storyline. A mother kissing their child on the lips sound icky.

  11. Alpha says:

    They changed that moment? Dropped

  12. Nana says:

    Anime then – OVA
    Anime now – TV series

  13. R says:

    In ep 0, Rabbit Koto tells Girl Koto that she’s happy to see her again before smooching her. In ep 6, Rabbit Koto says “it’s good to finally meet you” instead. Probably timeline hijinks.

  14. shyz says:


    -makes everything look better :]

    well, at least they made it look less weird as Koto n.1 doesn’t close her eyes so soon……….

  15. Zik says:

    Lol. And ppl always tell me that OVA =/= Tv series…

    Don’t the OVA before the series normally just a trial run?

    And they DID change most of it…seem like they’re doing what Squid Girl doing, cramming 3 eps into one ep…

    and i’m not surprised if they changed it…since the OVA never explained how she got into the Mirror World… AND that the Fox was her dad..

  16. Jin says:

    Really ?
    I like it better this way.

  17. Hera says:

    Except that wasn’t a peck, that was a full on kiss.