Kyousougiga 09


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  1. Jayvon says:


  2. anon-tan says:

    2:46 — “congegate”
    9:20 — “and act of”
    18:58 — “How bring the sun is”

    Also, Inari is a douchebag.

  3. neinome says:

    Has that dumb love comedy been dropped yet?

  4. neinome says:

    That was supposed to read:
    “… which insert_unrelated_side_character_girl_name would …”

  5. Tempesta says:

    Has this project been dropped? Haven’t seen updates of this for ages

  6. commie fun says:

    come on im waitin for ep 10 and 10.5

  7. love com says:

    why keep deleting my message? i just want to know if to keep waiting for your release or downloading horrible subs. cause, srsly, it ain`t no fun waiting 20 days for the last episode of this good anime. i understand you do this thing for free but at least give some news, man. this ain`t no fun. might be last time i go with commie. too bad this post will be deleted

    • lae says:

      maybe because the answer you are looking for can easily be found by reading the comments above? still exists, too.

    • herkz says:

      because it’s already been asked and answered

      • name says:

        The only comment I could find referring to this was saying “nope” to has it been dropped. Its been almost a month since air date, I think some of us just wanted to know what happened to the last episode, and switching sub groups for the last episode of a great show kinda sucks.

        • herkz says:

          vale was busy until recently. i have no idea if he’ll translate it now, though

          • name says:

            Alright, well hopefully he comments on it when he gets the chance then.

            • Giao Su says:

              Considering today’s date, the availability of episode 10 elsewhere, and the number of newer series on which y’all are working, I guess that there is little likelihood of seeing a Commie version of episode 10 anytime soon.
              Too bad. I prefer Commie’s work.
              I shall work on rationally managing my disappointment.
              [Kaishakunin-san, please wait until I complete the cut.]