Last Exile 10

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Largely a recap episode.

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14 Responses to “Last Exile 10”

  1. 3274 says:

    According to the official site, this is episode 9.5 not 10

  2. Shawn263241 says:

    FFFFFFFFFFF- I hate recap episodes, but I just lurbs this series… Ugh, waste of 25 minutes, but I’ll take it!

  3. Esker says:

    >Recap episode

    I thought those went out of fashion years ago? Oh well, shit all we can do about it but wait for the next real one.

  4. Kanoto says:

    it’s a euphemism for filler.
    they probably blew their budget with the cool effects.
    then again, I haven’t seen it so it might not have a lot of recycled scenes

  5. mascthemoney says:

    fam, the last fan fan. took me a total of 132 seconds to watch the episode.

  6. mascthemoney says:

    also, anybody else realize that this “teddy” is destined to die?

  7. oBb says:

    okay, skipping this, then.

    we are in the tentht week, but i still can keep track of the story, so there’s no need for a recap.
    okay, im a semi-professional otaku, so this isnt representive.

  8. Otaku Gaijin Kurosawa says:

    If you manage to get F/Z 13 in time for christmas I’ll be eternally greateful.

  9. herp derp says:

    Not sure if this is just me or something, but for some weird reason, words in italics, like Silvius and Exile, don’t show up in the subs.

    • herp derp says:

      Ahhhhh shit it looks like the problem is on my end. My bad. Guess I gotta figure what’s going on now…

  10. BananowyJE says:

    Horizon where? Did it took Tori in teh boob?

  11. Petrushka says:

    i can’t believe i spent 20 minutes on this eps. i thought maybe the real story started from halfway