Last Exile 2 Batch



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  1. erejnion says:

    Wow. If you get out a Maria ep too, the world will end or something.

  2. Krumel says:




  3. Enamelthyst says:

    That patch zip might work better if it included xdelta (mind you, I’ve always got a copy sitting around, but still)…

  4. newvelaric says:

    Guys, how do we use the patch. I double-clicked the bat file. No effect…

  5. Caca says:

    Nisemonogatari batch FUKCING WHEN!

  6. Big Willy Cosby says:

    jesus fukken christ…
    1st i learn something like
    “me & dev go to high school”
    (and is currently d’loading)
    and now this

    shank you. <3

  7. mascthemoney says:

    um, the lines that you guys patched, are they lines with accent marks? well most of them? cause when i used the patch, some lines are totally different font than the others. usually the lines with accented letters. did i use the patch wrong? or is it supposed to be like this? i’m seeding the batch as i type this, so i’m assuming even a fresh download of the torrent will have this? anybody else seeing what i’m talking about?
    it doesn’t bother me, but just curious.

    • airco says:

      No, that’s my fault. After episode 3, we rendered macrons by including a different font (Macron Finnetier) in the mkv, and calling it at the beginning of a line with a macron. When doing the v2s, I instinctively called the font in the older scripts whenever it was needed, without remembering to actually include said font when remuxing. Thankfully, it still somehow displays the line, and it only affects the first three episodes. I’ll work on a patch in a bit.

  8. kronk says:

    There was a Last Exile 2?