Last Exile Fam 12

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11 Responses to “Last Exile Fam 12”

  1. Ral says:

    Thank you very much (:

  2. rhizzu says:

    sir there is something wrong on episode numbering.

    episode 12 is actually 11 and episode 10 are special episode or a recap episode.
    so 10 must be 9.5

  3. JJJ says:

    Go read the description for what commie has as episode 10, they are sticking to this numbering scheme. As long as they stay consistent it shouldn’t matter, just rename them if it bothers you.

    • XerBlade says:

      Except for the people who don’t care about sticking to one group and just grab whichever version is first each time (which was most people when last I checked…), in which case it can get really confusing with those other guys who tend to be first half the time using the “correct” numbering scheme. I don’t really care about this myself, but I’m just throwing that out there due to my extensive experience at dealing with stupid people.

  4. JJJ says:

    I finished watching it now, second half is amazing apart from a few standard gonzo QUALITY moments.

  5. Danuchiha99 says:

    Another when

  6. Shawn263241 says:

    Pretty interesting/moving/awesome episode. Keep it up Commie; I don’t even consider watching other group’s releases for this anime.