Last Exile Fam 15


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8 Responses to “Last Exile Fam 15”

  1. Exile, Last Exit 0 Miles/km says:

    Now, this is my kind of etree :)

    Thanks! :D

  2. mascthemoney says:

    fam, the last fan fan

  3. anonymous says:

    Is there any possibility of uploading to Fileserve again, now that it’s back?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Nope, we’re (RHExcelion’s account) actually banned from Fileserve.

      • anonymous says:


        I can’t torrent here, and the only other anime site (I know of) uploading them to DDL sites hasn’t done yours yet.. middlemen suck.

  4. One Me no Link says:

    Thank you very much! (*^_^*)

  5. Shawn263241 says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Last Exile! :DDDD

  6. basement dad says:

    Gawwwd, thanks for this release. At last, a show from Commie I like, which is still released at blinding speed after 15 episodes. The last few (eg: nura .. ) dropped in speed pretty fast :|. LE is fucking awesome. Too bad that its getting harder and harder for me to find shows I like (most shows the last 1-2 years just seemed too dull to me). Seems I’m getting old -_-.