Legend of the Legendary Releases

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 06
Kuroshitsuji II 06
Shukufuku no Campanella 04
Shukufuku no Campanella 05

Sengoku Basara 2 05

More to come:
Shiki 5
Shukufuku no Campanella 3(v2), 06
Occult 6
Nura 6
Asobi 5

EDIT: on another note,

<&Stove> woot a donation bar
<&Stove> is it live?
<&aethon> why don't you donate
<&aethon> and find out
<&Stove> FINE 

-2 minutes later-

<&Stove> SUGOI
<&Stove> IT IS LIVE
<&aethon> wait
<&aethon> what
<&aethon> are you serious!?
<&Stove> Yes.
<&aethon> i thought it wasn't!
<&Stove> Well it is!


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34 Responses to “Legend of the Legendary Releases”

  1. Anon says:

    Thank you.

  2. Person says:

    Nice URL.

  3. James says:


  4. ano says:

    hope you guys beat Derp in releasing LotLH epi 7.

  5. Mr Lucipher says:

    Aww yeah.

  6. Jo says:


  7. anon says:

    Thank the Legendary HEROES who have subbed this.

  8. ckx says:

    best time of the week is here, thanks for having non-shitty releases unlike everyone else.

  9. Shuffleblade says:

    Thanks for always =)

  10. EpicNaruto says:

    YES! Glad to have my non-shitty lolh fix :). Thanks you commies!

  11. anon-kun says:

    Occult 5 soon?

  12. someAnon says:

    When i see that blue screen of death sudden appeared, i laugh so hard that my neighbor came to my house and though i infected SARS.

    Thanks for the release

  13. Unellmay says:

    Any possibility of subs for Hen Semi?

    Just wondering since no one else has you’re my heroes

  14. reaper_unique says:

    love from Belgium :D

  15. Peace says:


    Thank You for the releases :)

    PS. my eyes are in pain with this yellow background! lol

  16. nicky_008 says:

    fell pron avi buffering…

    use Linux or you get dead blue screen, man.

  17. vash says:

    Good to see your still doing kuro 2 , will you guys be doing eden movie 2 as the raws have been up for a few days and i need a decent sub .Thanks guys ;)

    • aethon says:

      wait for the DB-gg joint. they’ll be rolling it out soon.

      • EpicNaruto says:

        Does that mean you guys will rip the script and make your own release? I hate having to grab different groups for the same series lol. Plus I liked the Commie release best anyway. Keep up the good work commies!

  18. vash says:

    DB are a bunch of fags who need a good beating ,same for gg .

  19. thesisidiot says:

    lol Stove. <3

  20. Shawn263241 says:

    I tried Derp for LotLH 6, and was quickly disappointed. They have the same OP and ED subs but with some horrible fonts, and the rest is just average work. Even if it takes an entire week longer, I’ll stick to Commie from now on.
    Thanks for the releases

  21. -- says:

    Still waiting for Shiki…

  22. Jeudi says:

    You are the best !