Dear koda,
I love oversubbing just as much as I love not dropping anything.

Unrelated picture. Sort of.


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12 Responses to “LET’S GO PLAY! 1”

  1. faggotBtS says:

    I knew this was coming.

  2. sage1210 says:

    Is this from MBS or AT-X ?

  3. PLH says:

    Thanks for the release, gg.

  4. ranggaw0636 says:

    yay, another sub war ^_^/

  5. U.N. Owens says:

    So, i hear that term a lot but what does oversubbing mean and why is it hated?

  6. sage1210 says:

    I wonder why still none at-x raw out there. (only fake with title at-x, I already checked them)

    This MBS censored even pantsu shots…..DAMN !!

  7. Jason says:


  8. CowsGoMoo says:

    Shiki 02 WHAR?!

  9. Shinsen Subs says:

    Never speak ill of gg. At least not as long as I’m alive. I live and die for them.

  10. Thomas says:

    Just wanted to let you know that at 1:07 you left the ‘e’ off the end of the word fire.