Letter Bee 01

It uses ordered chapters. We will be doing karaokes of the OP and ED later, and you will be able to replace the files and everything should just work(tm).

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6 Responses to “Letter Bee 01”

  1. crow86 says:

    Thanks for letter bee!!!
    Waiting for the karaokes, jeje!

  2. Ioay says:

    Yay… yay… yay *-*
    Ne… onegai… would it be possible for you guys to make a Kara for Miracle Train?
    ;_; *giving big cookie*
    Fuckcrunchshit, of course no Kara…
    I love the songs~ Specialy the Opening… *~* *snuff*
    (Yeah, yeah… no cute girls… and so… i know… but there is nothing wrong with Bishounen! XD)
    Onegai~ Onegai~ Onegai~
    Would not bother you but i don’t think that a Sub Group will pick it up ><
    And i fucking need my Kara!!!!!! *scream*

    • cryptw says:

      We’re gonna do whatever CR shows we can get a transport stream for.
      We’re gonna have karaoke whenever the karaoke guy feels like making one.

  3. Jigabachi says:

    I really, really appreciate that you left the OP and ED as separate downloads. It’s such a waste of space to have them in every episode. Please continue doing this.

  4. Jam says:

    Thanks for letter bee! Waiting for the op ed kara too :D

  5. niichan32 says:

    Waiting for OP ED kara.

    Watching anime without kara sucks.
    It just doesn’t feel right.