Letter Bee 03

OK, so I got damn bored with this show, so I hired Yunno as our new encoder (who is incidentally also in Chihiro) for this show. Any prejudice from him being in Chihiro aside, he showed me his encode of Letter Bee and it seems decent, so I guess it’s better than dropping I suppose. Apparantly he’s delayed because of “higher priority” stuff, probably something like warpsharped crap for Chihiro, but I’ve made sure that he won’t be using any crap like that on Letter Bee.

tl;dr: Show sucks, I’ve dropped it, but someone else wanted to help out, so it’s continuing abliet delays.

EDIT: This encoder just told me he happens to not use WarpSharp.

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10 Responses to “Letter Bee 03”

  1. Pilo says:

    thx for he release!

  2. Dabomb says:

    Cryptw, stop releasing boring shows and start releasing Zan….. you promised Zan!!!!

    • der says:

      cryptw don’t sub … he rips ,,, waiting for GG script to be uploaded be fore they “re-encode”

      • cryptw says:

        GG? What?

        We don’t “re-encode” as such, since we encode from an original transport stream and not from the video provided by CR (or another fansub group). We only use their soft subs.

  3. Jam says:

    Thanks for not dropping letter bee, it’s a good show imo

  4. ender says:

    so does this mean it is officially dropped or will you continue?

  5. b1 says:

    It’s much better than a lot of the other crap this season, such as Kampfer, Sora no Otoshimono and Seitokai Ichizon, so thanks for continuing it in some form.

  6. ok doki says:

    im an encoder enought experiance to rock the fan asses wonna hire to go on with letter bee