Level E 1-5

johnnyedit: this post is boring as shit so here’s a .gif

Level E 1 | DDL
Level E 2 | DDL
Level E 3 | DDL
Level E 4 | DDL
Level E 5 | DDL

Have a staff channel conversation monologue:
<card|sleep> ok
<card|sleep> please put in
<card|sleep> “Here have some level E, best show of the season”
<card|sleep> “Better late than never,. love cardslash02~”
<card|sleep> link to the post on ggkthx
<card|sleep> http://www.ggkthx.org/2011/02/06/fanart/
<card|sleep> with my fanart
<card|sleep> “Koda put up the fanart I drew of her”
<card|sleep> “It most accurately depicts the state of the fansubbing community”
<card|sleep> “Note fansubber-kun is begging for the meager scraps of shows not taken and locked up by Crunchy/
<card|sleep> Funi and the rest taken by gg”
<card|sleep> and mandoric is butthurt because koda didnt let him do madoka with her”
<card|sleep> “A most telling portrait of fansubbing royalty”

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27 Responses to “Level E 1-5”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha oh wo- wait, what?

  2. Baka says:

    Woot!! This series started off epicly i hope they don’t screw it up… Ep 5 gives me some serious doubts -__-‘

  3. lett303 says:

    will there be shiki and nura subbed this month??

  4. Lysferd says:

    That was unexpected, lol. It is said to be a good series, so thank you for subbing it.

  5. Corti says:

    Level E? Fuck yeah.

  6. geyik says:

    i might actually end up loving cardslash02 as much as i love koda…

    oh, level e is great, too

  7. guy says:

    oh look, it’s an irc conversation with a single retard trying to be funny by making references to themselves trying to be funny.

  8. argilium says:

    what the? i’m actually redownloading to have a video with lower resolution to what i could get from CR? you should’ve left it upscaled 720p.. what’s with the in the middle 576p? and don’t tell me ep 4 is a 400+MB 576p video just because of dubious art style..

    well, nice encode overall but it’s not what i want..

    • RHExcelion says:

      lol what.

    • Daiz says:

      Why the shit should it be upscaled? It’d just bloat the filesizes or lower the quality. It’s a lose-lose solution.

      The video quality is better than what you get on CR even with the lower resolution. Stop being a mindless resolution whore.

  9. Fag It says:

    Is this the part where Koda saves the planet by becoming the ultimate villain who is a conduit for the enmity of the global populous while simultaneously using her masked persona to liberate humanity from the tyrannous shackles of oppression through a noble act of self-martyrdom?

    What? No? Then why is there a trigger for a doomsday device concealed within that FABULOUS scepter?

  10. MS-X says:

    i got the “Gutsman’s ass” vibes from that picture. And i am not even gay yet

  11. Anony says:

    “and mandoric is butthurt because koda didnt let him do madoka with her”


  12. Calver says:

    Level E… That Narrator… E Kaado pops into my head every time he speaks.

  13. anonymous says:

    too bad gg sucks for madoka… wouldn’t ruin that show by watching their version with a script full of errors…

  14. anonymous says:

    I guess it just makes me lose respect for you as a group when you make koda fanart… makes me immediately doubt your script… hope you aren’t editing them too much from the original CR subs…

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      1. it was one person that drew it on a whim one night
      2. overall ~10% of the script changes
      3. dicks. everywhere.

  15. anonymous says:

    I’m just being a buzz killington, ignore me. I’m an asshole. :)

    Thanks for the Level-E…


    GG isn’t THAT bad, I just get angry when I feel like they purposefully mistranslate a line to troll me. Their editing is slightly better than yesy’s… but GG has angered me for that show…

    Nutbladder just has horrible, horrible editing…. “She’s that irregular” for example.. (ep6)

    Yesy does solid subs for Madoka, but some lines could have been made to sound better even if it meant sacrificing some “accuracy”. Their encodes could be a little better too… but only group which does the show justice.

    And Chihiro… well Chihiro…

  16. Mr Lucipher says:

    Sure would’ve been nice to have a batch instead of the individual torrents.