Log Horizon 01


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29 Responses to “Log Horizon 01”

  1. Proud fapper says:

    Horizon S3 when

  2. macxxx007 says:

    Lol… thanks so much for picking this up!

    Have a great night!

  3. Flush Me says:

    Looks like typesetting hell.

  4. bbo says:

    whoever is behind that gui is a moron.

  5. erejnion says:

    Crunchy made one mistake you kept here.

    12:33 >weirdo

    Akatsuki does say “okashi na hito” a little earlier (in 12:07), but in 12:33 she steps the game up to “hentai”. Besides this word, the sentence is the same, but neither Crunchy nor you change the word, instead just having completely the same sentence in both places.

  6. Shawn263241 says:

    Worth a shot I suppose. Thanks.

  7. Reso says:

    So…. if SAO was for tryhards, Log Horizon is for casuals??? Though, LH is more interesting at the moment, because the characters are no longer familiar with the world, whereas SAO was your typical beta-tester shenanananerie.

  8. ebisu says:

    Is it me or you didn’t choose a very good raw for the chapter? This time I tried Horrible subs first and when I got your version I had the feeling your video’s quality was lower and I can see the raw is different by the watermark. Not really complaining but I surprised myself at realising the difference. Just had to say it :3

  9. ebisu says:

    It’s hard for me to say after some serious looking. CR has more defined lines only for the characters (they blur less with the surrounding colours for the characters) but the background and colours look worse.
    I guess that makes me see better or more clear other characters even in the background or when animated, despite the worst quality.
    There’s also the chance that because I had seen the chapter with CR’s two times before yours I’m influenced and can’t accept yours as clearly better :)
    Don’t mind me and thanks for the answer.