Log Horizon 15


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  1. Phoenicius says:


    Thanks Cooomie.

  2. Hithere says:

    And again wasted half an episode to explain mmorpg vocabulary.
    At least Shiroe plays it right: Ignore the stupid noobs except for the girl he’s going to bang once she’s sufficiently depending on his advice.

  3. LastDarkness says:

    Hithere: Minori is the one that has a crush on Shiroe. Its good to see alot of the exposition is being forced, i remember is being worse in the light novel. It basicaly assume the reader has never played a game let alone a MMO ever.

  4. Slitrobo says:

    Thank you

  5. Someone says:

    To anyone wanting to get a feel about how all this combat works I would suggest getting a subscription to Everquest 2. It has a lot less kiddie players than WOW so your first mmo experience will be one more true to form. I haven’t played since it ‘s gone free to play though . I wouldn’t however recomend it since you won’t be able to use the good loot. Better to get a full subscription for a short time than a mediocre one for long.

    EQ2 had 24 distinct classes when I stopped playing. Each with it’s differences in play style which were quite extensive.

    I have played most mmo’s and am not really biased . They all have their good parts. Yes , I even liked DDO ! Why do I say EQ2 ? Well it resembles Log Horizon the closest in group setup , raid setup , crafting , guild housing …

    I do not recommend you join a raiding guild unless you are prepared to spend the appropriate time playing and can keep a fixed schedule. Raiding is like joining a competitive karate , swim , judo , soccer or football club. It’s a team sport with training and matches on fixed times.

    Anyway , you want to get a feel for Log Horizon ? play EQ2 for a while.

    Friendly regards.

    • Orcus says:

      If you really what to know how the combat feels: takes some hallucinogens and go fight some homeless people with swords.

    • Shinya says:

      Played eq2 for 4 years. Stopped after Ruins of Kunark. Yes, it was fun and most of what you said is right. But let me say that EQ2 had way too many classes. If you were in a raid guild you knew how rare defilers and wardens or troubadours and dirges were. And if you want a great player behind one of those characters… good luck finding one. 6 different healer classes was simply too much and frustrating. Much better to have one general healer class and some system of specializations that you can change in town.

      • Someone says:

        I was a defiler, my alt was a warden :)
        (alt as in , my backup character I kept twinked up fully mastered and raid geared up )

        This was me in the last guild before I quit. I had moved to a EU server since I was unable to keep raiding from 2 AM until 7 – 8 AM by that point. I was on GUK before that.

        I’m not advertising the game to people though , I’m merely saying that I believe the combat system explained in Log Horizon fits best with EQ2. And that if people want to get a feel for it -like it was portrayed in this episode- they should group (not really raid) a bit in eq2.

        Tbh we never had issues with not finding the classes we needed though. We put up ads for 32 spots. Most were there every raid . We usually had 1 or 2 sit out (and get switched back in after a few pulls) so everyone could play. A lot also had 2 raid worthy classes they could play.

        I can agree though that as a MT group healer I rarely got to do much beside my job. When clearing trash in a raid zone to finish a few days later was about the only time.