Log Horizon 16


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9 Responses to “Log Horizon 16”

  1. Ibreaker9736 says:

    Cool. I was waiting for this.

  2. iprolyhu says:

    oh wow. in a reasonable time.

    Good job herkz/johnny/rhe/etc.

  3. bblox says:

    Shit’s going to get real.

  4. Phoenicius says:


    Shit got real.

  5. erejnion says:

    Naotsugu’s words at the end of the episode seem to be taken as with a wrong nuance by some people. That is to say, they think he is ready to follow Minori’s idea without even hearing it.

    Should be more like, “Okay, okay. We can afford to hear it first, Minori’s idea.” with the unsaid implication being that nobody has said anything about following it.