Log Horizon 2 04


Dozo: Where is muh Tetra???

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11 Responses to “Log Horizon 2 04”

  1. Ephemere says:

    When will Akatsuki stop perma-PMS-ing?

  2. Dozo says:

    Lewd Preview.


  3. Chinateh says:

    Pic including hime legs would be way better…

    Thigh! We need her thigh!

    • Ephemere says:

      It’s a webm. Just hover your mouse over it and you’ll see the princess’s true glory.

  4. sharm says:

    *Looks at gif* DAAAAAAAAAYUUUUUM~!

  5. Catastrophe says:


    m-muh dick

  6. MadoQ says:

    Thanks Commie/Dozo !

  7. Kiyoso says:

    @Dozo テトラい・ら・な・う。